Instant hand blender mayonnaise

My handmade aioli from last week totally soothed my butter craved soul but I still needed to conquer the white mayonnaise. I realised that Aioli, made with a pestle or a fork, is yellow and thick. Much more like softened salted butter than mayonnaise as we know it – both in texture and in taste. On the other hand, there is also something definite to be said about the modern day mayonnaise as well. You know – the pale, creamy, whipped emulsion with a bit of a sweetness  that one can make tartar sauce with or slather on burgers, corn, serve with fried fish, make chicken and egg salad with… yum!!.


So when I stumbled on Kenji Lopez’s write up the other day about immersion blender mayos that did not require the artisanal (or chinese-torture-like depending on your frame of mind) drip drip drip of the oil, I decided it was worth a shot. Purist I maybe but consistently diligent is not something anybody will accuse me of being. Given this insight into the self, a 2 minute version sounded like a perfect solution for those days when I just wanted mayo in a minute without my arms getting a workout. The entire operation sounded ridiculously simple. Out came my handblender, a jar, eggs, oil and a lime. 2 minutes down the line I was a convert.

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