Watermelon feta and mint salad

I have this habit of being attracted to cooking PROJECTS. Sourdough breads which requires you to cultivate your own yeast and take care of the starter like a pet by ‘feeding’ it for a 14 day period before you can start the bread itself, my own mozzarella cheese from scratch, home-made pasta… As you can see, complicated techniques, unfamiliar instruments, serious research, study and careful planning before I cook have been the only rules I have followed in life.

Offlate, I seem to have eased up a bit.  Like I said a few months back, in this post, something seems to have changed. I have discovered that, for fabulous flavours, you don’t necessarily need fabulous technique. That putting together simple but the right ingredients can create the best magic. That dishes where you have done the least often yield the cleanest, clearest and most rewarding flavours. The only thing that makes it better is when it all comes together in a jiffy.

The reaction to the banana ice-cream post and requests that I received via mail, chat and facebook together have lead me to decide that I need to share more recipes like these. For some reason, I tend to overlook these and go for the projects. From now on though, no discrimination. Bombay Chowparty will offer you guys the easy but delicious secrets too. Recipe that do not need elaborate planning and putting them together is so easy and delicious that not doing it, is frankly stupid.

My promise is that these recipes – ‘Easy does Yum’ will

  • be foolproof. No skills/experience required
  • be easy to put together. The prep plus cook time will be less that 35 minutes.
  • result in dishes that are beautiful but absolutely delicious in flavour and will make you look like a magician in the kitchen. Less work but MORE flavour will be the mantra here
  • require not more than 2 ingredients unfamiliar in Indian cooking and for these, I will tell you where you can get them
  • make you look like a superstar

To start with, here is one of my staples. Watermelon feta and mint salad.

Watermelon, feta and mint salad
Watermelon, feta and mint salad When I first tasted this combination, I was shocked that I hadn't ever tasted it before or used it before. Delicious, refreshing and tongue tickling with its juicy sweet-salt-fresh combination, this is now a staple at our house and we often have it as a snack or even to replace a whole meal. I just keep the ingredients of hand and pull it out whenever I dont want to cook! Yep, that happens too!
  • Watermelon, seedless if possible
  • A handfull of mint, finely chopped
  • Crumbled feta cheese (you can get this at any gourmet super market today. In mumbai, Natures Basket shops, Haiko in Powai, Foodhall in Lower Parel, Hypercity in Goregaon - all store it) The cheese you buy will be a solid slab or as cubes. Just pinch off pieces with your fingers to crumble and loosen the cheese.
  • Salt
  1. Slice the watermelon into roundels about 1.5 cm thick. Cut of the rind by inserting the tip of your knife just inside the rind and cutting through the circumference. You could also cut the rind off in straight lines to make squares.
  2. Lay your watermelon slice on the plate.
  3. Top with about 1.5 tablespoons of chopped mint and then about 2 to 3 tablespoons of the feta.
  4. Sprinkle additional salt if desired.


The Dark brown drizzle you see here is a balsamic-chocolate drizzle. I added it here because I like things to be pretty and I am a bit crazy like that but this dish is actually pretty good on its own. If you want to try it, just add a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar to 4 of melted chocolate.


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