Taking The Plunge – Order Truffles From Bombay Chow-party!

The past three months have been a huge turning point for Bombay Chowparty. Invisible as that clearly has been on the blog (ahem..)..

Bombay Chowparty is now moving beyond the I-can-cook-when-I-please-and-post-irregularly phase. It all started with a 500 boxes of chocolates order from Indigo Consulting. Indigo was celebrating its 11th anniversary and as a part of the family, Vikas asked me if I would do the chocolates. With much joy and some trepidation, I did a range of filled and plain chocolates:

– Cinnamon Walnut Caramel
– Coffee truffle
– Peanut Butter and Jelly
– Roasted Almonds
– Dark Chocolate

After what seemed like a crazy endless chocolate themed party, we were able to deliver the boxes successfully and what’s more, enquiries started pouring in. Every order lead to more. Post a scramble to self teach chocolate making, selling what I obsessively conjure up and love is quickly becoming an addiction. The exciting bit is where I get to experiment, explore and offer new goodies all the time. The goal is to surprise, delight and satisfy. The possibilities – endless.

For the past few months, one of the most popular requests have been the truffles. This box of truffles below that I did a couple of weeks back contained 5 flavours –
– Roast Almond and coffee
– Hazelnut Ganache
– Fresh Mint
– Lemon and coconut
– Caramel and Fleur de sel

For those of you who haven’t had truffles before, they are essentially an excuse to celebrate all things chocolate. Called truffles because the rough handcrafted shape resembles the ‘truffle’ – a highly priced underground mushroom, these candies are essentially a marriage of cream and good quality chocolate. The right truffle will have a creamy consistency and melt smoothly in your mouth, coating your tongue with chocolate and its flavours. Its one the BEST ways to eat chocolate. Trust me. I am not so much of a chocolate fan and even I have started to think it’s addictive. (Have also been experimenting with flavours and  am planning on a bunch of new ones including basil; cinnamon and chilli, gingerbread and a few others. Crazy but lovely)

3 months down and many more deliveries later, the business is taking a life of its own. Have been catering to parties, designing sweet gifts, creating specialised menus and much more. Desperately trying to take guide my  ‘creating its own destiny’ food career is turning out a fun ride. While I have to admit that Bombay Chow-party is taking shape on its own, the aim here is to offer fresh, superior quality, unusual treats that we all crave for. International food you may like to eat, wish to eat or experiment with and struggle to find. Food that will explode in your mouth with flavours, goodies you will want to but hate to share – surprising, satisfying and delectable.

Engaging with food in a more serious fashion always seemed like an unreal dream to me and doing what one loves for a career seemed risky. (I know, some call that perverse logic). Friends have since helped me realise what a ridiculous fear that is. So many people have supported, pushed, even cajoled me into walking into this seriously that it seemed the least I could do to justify their effort. Initial manufacturing days involved having open house sessions where anyone could walk in and help. Infact anyone who came to visit had no option but to help. Many went out to scour and find helpers. Strangers volunteered to slog it out on precious weekends, just because they wanted to help turn a passion into a career.

Since then, life feels more positive. I have greater faith in the goodness of people and the kindness of strangers. I am so grateful for having taken the plunge. I know now that nothing has ever been more fulfilling or exciting. The thought of having to just do this…cook, bake, dream up stuff day after day and actually have people pay to let me do what I crave, remains incredible! I wake up excited. Everyday. Dream of cooking more than I ever have. Dance around at the thought of the next order. Go to bed waiting for the next day to begin… Life hasn’t felt better in a long time.

Thanks to all who have encouraged and supported this transition, am getting set for a long long ride. Hope to see many of you along the way…

As of now, there are several ways you could have Bombay Chowparty deliver some deliciousness to you. Call 9819024086 and:
1. Order from the current menu. (Yes, we do have a menu which I will be posting very soon)
2. Ask me for the current mania (The ‘current’ obsession, reflective of food trends around the world, sometimes seasonal)
3. Request for something you have seen/heard of/are craving for. Yes, anything…
4. Get a meal designed around your special ingredient


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    hi reshmy,a couple of days back ,I just accidentally learnt (crtsy facebook) about your new venture and your blog. heartiest congratulations and sincere best wishes for the same. I read the posts,all the archives too and i must say i got goose bumps all over. OMG u r such a terrific writer.I also endorse the reader’s views about the pics , they r simply great. Here i was ,thinking that i am the only crazy person hunting around the food section of the big depttl.stores(or small ones for that matter) for any unfamiliar ing.and book section for recipes wherein i could use them and there u r doing all that and much much more. I admire your passion,your skills,your courage.Keep it up ! I can’t stop myself from telling u that U have put,my feelings,my cravings,my passion , all into words.Besides ,U R LIVING MY DREAM.Three cheers to U!

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