Sunshine And Daisies

The pic for today then is of a space that I long to be in. With much action, people coming and going, all the domesticity…I find that I most crave some peace. Some alone time. Some silence. I love having people over but am dieing for some time to setup my food career, find my way… cook, write and to just be.

The pic today is the essence of what I am craving for…The quiet morning sun, the flowers, the hill, the house.  I find that there is something magical about this picture that Atul took while in Dalhousie. Oh! what I would give to roll on the hills, stare at the sky, have the sunshine stream through the treetops onto my face… and just be.


PS: Am going to try to be sharing a pic a day so you guys know a bit of whats happening in my life. Some of these pics are taken by Atul and others by either case they are moments from our lives, work, foodings…


    • Shaweta says

      Saw the pic again after so many days, love it totally :).
      Btw, is it possible to make biscuits at home? Like the most basic ones with flour, sugar, and milk? I wanted to make but dont know how to… Fat is something i am avoiding and other processed things like baking soda… Is there no natural substitute? :) happy i can write this to you :)

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