Rice thali. Nandhana Palace, Bangalore

Sometimes the food before you is so good that despite your best intentions ( I will always remember to click pics before i eat, i will always eat slowly, chew my food thoroughly and not eat like that’s my last meal for the rest of my life etc etc) before you know it, you have broken every single food related rule you have set for yourself. And sometimes, it’s soo good that you change your mind and decide to click pics anyways, after you have eaten, bad light, dirty plate (or leaf) and all! And sometimes it just soooo ridiculously good, that as you travel away from the restaurant, you fish out your tablet…because you just HAVE to write about it and stretch that experience just that bit longer. Your fingers practically fly and your happy tummy does the writing!

So this meal I had… The one which was sooooooo good was a quick little snatched thaali at Nandhana Palace in Bangalore while on a fly through teaching trip.. All by myself in the simple dimly lit restaurant, just before I rush to the airport, I knew the food would be good. But I never imagined it would be SO good!

The star for me… The chutni powder…. Mixed with rice and glistening rivers of ghee, this is the stuff of dreams. I can’t begin to capture the flavour in words…creamy? Nutty? Spicy, salty…I started the meal with this yummyness ¬†and then HAD to end it with it too. And then I had to have yet another helping. With 3 helping of ghee ofcourse… And yes, thank you, if you have some more, I’ll take that too.

The sambar, rasam, dal…. Sigh!

Relishes … Really, pickle can be THAT good?

The rice… fluffy, white..Oh the grains of pure bliss

The delicious thali at Nandhana palace

So the best meal I had in a long long time was a quick snatched affair, in a little¬†place, part of a restuarant chain, cost me 90 rs and took precisely 2 minutes to arrive. Don’t remind me I said this..but, gourmet shmourmet, baking shmaking be damned i say!! Nothing beats hot rice, chutney and ghee. Best of all, on a lone evening, all by yourself, with no one to distract you. Just you… And heaven!


  1. nitin says

    Ah nothing beats nandini…so many memories..
    There are some new places started there which serve much better andhra meals…I wonder why Mumbai doesn’t have single place serving andhra meals…
    If you wanna have something similar here…head to Kerela cafe (malad) on sunday for sadhya..You will be extremely happy.

    • says

      Hey Nitin! Do share the other good places to eat in B’lore will definitely try them out. Have eaten at Nadhini before but this was their Nandhana palace at Koramangala that blew my mind! perhaps the foods the same and I was just more receptive? I did try the Kerala cafe sadya and have to tell you I was so disappointed, I think my heart broke :( Banana leaf in Andheri doesn’t fare better for very different reasons according to me but I do love Madras cafe for its dosas and upma. Dakshin has good south Indian food but the prices are definitely a deterrent..

  2. nitin says

    hmmm…did you try during the onam special because it was quite bad that time…Its not the best I know but somewhat close to that homely feeling I guess or else Rama nayak (matunga) is there.
    I personally find madras cafe quite overrated prefer anand bhavan much more…
    If you like B’lore style dosa..try the south side cafe in bandra (Opp mini punjab), newly started but really good…or if your ever stumble onto malad station by any chance…try Gopal right next to the station.

  3. Sarita says

    I know exactly what you mean. An anecdote from the recent past; I had gone to visit the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada with my family. It was a last minute picnic plan. So we packed up some dry snacks to eat. Once we got there, at every view point were numerous vendors selling boiled corn. Now roasted masala corn is a Mumbai monsoon specialty for me and I resisted the idea of boiled corn. Towards the end of the drive, we were hungry for something substantial and purchased a single ear of boiled corn rubbed with salt, chilli powder and lemon juice.
    That was THE best thing I have eaten in a looong time.
    We quickly purchased many more and settled to gobble them up in that peaceful place.
    Its amazing how some of the most satisfying food is consumed in such out of the way places.

    • says

      What a lovely story. And I’ve had a similar experience with corn in Lonavala. I dont know if it was the rain, the hills or the company of friends on a impromptu weekend drive, snatching time from office work, it was just so beautiful!!
      Narmada I have never visited but really would want to because of all that has transpired there…

    • Sarita says

      I think the simpler things are, the greater pleasure they give. Same thing goes for food.
      You should totally visit the Sardar Sarovar Dam! The day we went, the overflow was the highest it had been all year!

      Its a 2 hour drive our from Baroda city. Tree tunnels, well maintained roads and lush fields on both sides, its the perfect drive!

    • monsoonfamily says

      I wish I had the technology we have now when I traveled to India. All I had was a argentic camera. I only bought back a certain number of photos. I remember certain scenes in restaurants, particular dishes, specific atmospheres… If I was to go back now, there would be so many images I could photograph and keep for ever.
      Enjoy your stay in Delhi!

  4. says

    Smoke House deli is all time my favorite place in Mumbai, This place has been a regular for me and I just love it. They never disappoint. They have a fantastic menu – the variety and the taste! Have some interesting drinks too which definitely add to the meals. SHD is best restaurant in Mumbai for me. :-) .The staff at Smoke House deli has also been very courteous. Thumbs up…ALWAYS!

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