Tattoo aspirations

I have always been either very fascinated or very disgusted by tattoos. Beautiful ones are fascinating. And ugly ones disgusting. And scary. Particularly when you feel that the wearer of the tattoo doesn’t realize how ugly it is. Does that sound snobbish? Its just that the thought of having something you don’t want but is on your body forever is scary and I cant stop thinking that

  • You may not like what you see while its being done (you will need to try hard to not murder the tattoo artist)
  • You may not like it the next day (you may need to try hard not to smack yourself for the idea in the first place)
  • You may not like it the day after (the mind boggles at this point)
  • Or the day after…

You get the drift? What’s so scary is that you may get turned off ANY day after the tattoo is done or maybe even while its being done. But what can you do? You have to live with it and yourself forever!! Whats worse, you may get plain bored and long to see your skin again. Normal. hairy, mottled, scaly.. whatever…  it’s still your very own skin. The one you were born with I mean. At least one is used to the idea that one has to live with that forever.

So when we were in Goa recently, and many many tattoo parlours around beckoned, mocked, tantalized, cajoled.. I never responded. I didn’t say anything. Not a peep. And then Atul came up with the idea of getting one. But he had exactly the same reservations (I find that happens often. ..Is that because we spend so much time together? Or is that why we spend so much time together?). Not sure how but the two reservations somehow canceled each over out and we ended up deciding that we needed to get a temporary tattoo. Right then. All reservations out of the window. If we did’nt make at least a little step towards a tattoo, we felt life would not forgive us.

Days later, back in Mumbai, we now have a tattoo  each. Atuls hates his. I love mine. (HA) Can I live with it for 3 weeks? Remains to be seen. Will we get the permanent one? I have a feeling Atul may not. Me…Lets wait and watch…

Feather and birds

For some reason, this tattoo felt perfect. Free and creative. That’s what I would like to be.

Tattoo work in progress - The artist is brilliant!!

And then yesterday, a girl on the train called out to me to say she thought my tattoo was great, unique and beautiful she said. Didn’t I tell you? I always wanted a tattoo. And of course I will get a permanent one. Maybe.


    • says

      When you decide to get one, lemme know, I’ll give you the contact of my Tattoo guy – Ben. Remember him? He’d inked Ananya also. And his studio is very close to Indigo.

    • says

      Hey Urvashi! Thanks, sweet of you to write in on that. Ya I remember Ben and he is very good. This guy in Goa was also great and he did the fake one so well that I’m sure he would be yet better at the real one. I am hoping to make that another excuse for Goa! :)

  1. ritika khanna says

    not for me…………i get those water transfer tatoo………….new one with every dress……..
    but yea i love tatoos on other ppl……..

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