Of Birthday Celebrations

Happy don't you think?

Happy don’t you think?

I am notorious for being terrible with numbers, dates, anything really that requires one to have a memory or even concentration. This year I was determined to remember Atul’s birthday but since it was in the middle of the week, could’nt do much about it. We did however have a nice little bash over the weekend.
Vinod (Atuls associate and friend) and I ran amok trying to get things in order for the surprise party. (Was bloody hot and Vinod might have regretted offering to help by the end of the day). Atul being Atul, I was’nt sure if a surprise would be a good thing or bad, but all was well. He looked happy.

Much food was cooked and consumed. (Recipes coming up).
Shortcut Chirozo Muffins

Chirozo Omelet Muffins

The Birthday Cake was a Tiramisu (I’ve been in a tiramisu phase lately)

Sweets for my sweet – The Birthday ‘Tiramisu’

My friend Namrata and I concocted a bread that look lovely. Unfortunately, it only LOOKED lovely :(

Beautiful but disastrous bread

But the yummiest dish was my dishy boy :)

Birthday Boy


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