Living On Bread Alone

I know I started off saying I will be posting everyday but as is typically, as soon as I had decided that, I fell ill. Of-course I did! The most important things is that I finally realized what an important role Oxygen plays in our life. I see life differently now. Air pollution, erosion of the Ozone layer, global warming.. I think I see a bit of what they mean. I have to admit I have always selfishly thought that all the conspiracies are true but never really been too bothered. But when you gasp for breath and see parts of yourself turn an unflattering shade of blue, see your lips and hands and legs quiver and imagine that you will now only get posthumous recognition for your undiscovered talents; you realize how much difference this unseen, intangible substance can make.

Besides the sudden craving for fresh country air, my past few months have been significantly marked by our house hunting and my bread mania. The house hunting has revealed all shapes, sizes and types of houses; not to mention agents. The vision of a glorious, airy, relaxing, calming, peaceful home keeps us going as we rush around Andheri scrambling for loans. and houses. I have seen the inside of more houses in the past 3 months than i have in the past 7 years in Mumbai I think. The brush with the banks was interesting, enlightening…and maddening. Apparently the government and the banks still live in the middle ages and think that women should not be getting loans with their fathers. Of course.. men are allowed to do that. After all they will always belong to the same family.

Have also been baking bread like a crazy person, curtsey my favourite bread book : The Bread Bible by Beth Hensperger. If you havent baked bread, please do take my advice and give it a try.  If you don’t bake then do beg, threaten or blackmail someone you know into baking bread for you. You will find love, see god, have an encounter of the fourth kind and discover the meaning of life….the fragrance and taste of freshly baked bread straight out of the oven. And you will never eat the spongy white stuff that tastes of nothing and is called sliced bread.  You will be sucked into a whirlwind of possibilities. Nutty whole wheat breads, Soft and fluffy white ones,  flavoured breads with nuts/herbs/cheese, sweet dessert and festive breads, beeeautiful artisan breads. Breads with shiny crusts, soft thin crusts, crackly crusts,  crunchy shattering crusts. Breads with large holes, uneven holes, even holes.  Round boule shaped breads, rectangular block shaped ones, braids, rolls, flatbreads…

I wish I sounded more coherent and was more diligent and clicked the pics so I could share them with you. But that’s what bread baking can do to you…drive you to the point where you maybe baking breads and gobbling them at a pace that does not allow for any photography. Before you know, you have reached for the butter, slathered it on and dug your teeth into this godliness.  And then..its 3 months down and you are 5 pounds heavier. Can you now blame me for not posting??

Here are the images though few and far between:

Bread rolls

Hot Bread rolls

Check out the lovely, even texture.

Sesame Whole Wheat bread. I love sesame seeds on bread!

Sesame Walnut Bread

Check out the lovely, even texture. And thats whole wheat healthyness. Yay!

Egg and bacon breakfast pizza

Egg and bacon breakfast pizza

Stuffed herd bread

Stuffed herd bread

Mince meat and cheese calzone

Mince meat and cheese calzone


    • says

      I know..the carbs can be a pain. But you know what, its not unbeatable. Just need to combine it with other healthy food, eating small amounts and frequent meals. if you can do some yoga, then you will be perfectly all right. My problem unfortunately is laziness and lack of restraint. Am working on it and losing the pounds now.
      The sandwich sounds lovely. Coming by your blog now…

  1. Swapnil Gupta says

    Dear Ms.Kurian,

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    We would like to send you a gift box containing seven varieties of Washington Apples,being introduced for the first time in India.These include Braeburn, Cripps Pink, Fuji, Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith.

    Please let us know your mailing address for the same.

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    • says

      i have to confess that mine is a Morphy Richards which is in a terrible condition. A new oven is one of the things on the agenda as soon as we find, setup and move into the new house. Of the ovens you use, which one did you like best?

    • ritika says

      yet to find one.i used bajaj ( which broke down 2 months after purchase ) and as long as its heating up they say its working but its not maintaining the temperature at all wdnt reccomend using my moms hand me down for now……its sooooo old but better but am yet on a look out for a good oven :(
      and microven are so useless…they just dry up all u grill in it

  2. Eliza says

    Hi Reshmy! Thanks for visiting my old blog and leaving comment on my sesame seed bread. Look at yours, how lovely and soft it is!

  3. Aarti says

    Great looking breads.
    Where does on get the ingredients for bread making… Things like yeast, bread flour, rye flour, etc. I live in South Mumbai… Had tried to find yeast but had no luck… Have not seen flor for making breads in stores… Appreciate any help

    • says

      Hi Aarti,

      Happy to help. You will be able to find active dry yeast from almost any superstore. Maybe even your local grocer. All you need to do is add about 25% more than instant yeast and dissolve it in warm water with a pinch of sugar and let it rest to frothy to ‘start’ it. (you can reduce the requisite amount from your baking liquid). You will surely find instant yeast in Arife, Continental Stores, Crawford Market. You could try any local baker for fresh yeast… The rye flour, I got from Haiko in Powai but you may get it at any of the Godrej Natures Basket stores also. Both are great places to shop.

      Hope this helps! Happy baking…

    • Aarti says

      Thanks for your prompt reply. Will try it out and let you know how it turns out. Never baked bread before so lets see how it turns out.

    • says

      All the very best Aarti. Dont lose heart if doesnt work the first time. It takes a couple of times to get the hang of it. The main thing is to ensure your dough is not dry, your yeast is active and be able to start intuitively recognizing each time when your dough reaches the stage you want it to. Having a hand mixer with a dough hook helps. But once you crack it, it is very very easy. And so incredibly gratifying! Feel free to let me know if you need any help… I am sure you will have a blast :)


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