Chocolate Profiteroles – Sneak Preview

Little bombs of Joy

Little bombs of Joy

Chocolate profiteroles or eclairs (when shaped into tubes) have always been my go to dessert for when i am nostalgic, gluttonous or just want to vow an audience. I started off wanting to replicate the eclairs from childhood which used to be a very popular dessert at local bakeries all over Delhi. Almost extinct now, the few places that you now get eclairs tend to serve up faded imitations which are cardboard like, filled with crystallized sugary butter cream that sits in your stomach like a rock.

But why talk of bad times? The evil has been vanquished and good tidings are on us. I have conquered this particular little piece of heaven. And now that I have made these a zillion times, I think I can mostly get it right. Not that there aren’t several ways to fail at this. Just that several crazed rescue attempts have resulted in as many mistaken revelations and filling  ‘variations’.

Cream over-whipped into ‘just butter’

- Thought this was my worst mistake but turned out to be my best one! How do I describe the texture of a magical something that has the best of both cream and butter?

Perfectly whipped cream

- Classic and yummy. I love this but my sister Chris says she finds this too rich

Vanilla cream patisserie filling

- Silkycustard, moist and creamy; this is a variation that allows you to gobble many more because of being less rich than the others. Is that incentive enough

Save Our Cream Custard filling

- So many of the Indian fresh cream tetrapacks never result in a whipped filling because of their low fat content. This is a easy sure shot way to rescue cream that has driven you nuts and refuses to thicken.

The path is chololate. The destination: cream

The path is chololate. The destination: cream

oooey gooey messy yumm

oooey gooey messy yumm

The dream that was. Sigh!

And the dream that was. Sigh!

If you make this, you are going to love it, be delirious with joy, become the toast of town, ward of suitors and gorge yourself silly. Be prepared for a major upheaval, life is going to see a new you!

For now I need to sleep off a barrage of drugs. (Obvious, is it?)

Watch out for the detailed post. Coming sooooooooooon.


  1. says

    Hola Reshmy, i walked around ur blog and u sure have a wonderful space, rite from Living In Bombay to eatin to cookin to eating to workn thrice a week to eating to shoppn to eatin to lovn to eatin…lol
    Well u will find a few updates in ur inbox about the Blogging by mail and ur buddy details too!!
    Happy findings!!

    • says

      Hey Mia! Wonderful to see you here. Thanks for you sweet comments about my blog.

      You are right my Inbox had such happy findings about the Blogging by mail that I cant stop smiling. You can bet on the fact that this is going to be one fun blogger event! Yay!

  2. says

    That looks yum!

    Thanks for stopping by. You are in Bombay? So why haven’t we seen you before.

    There is a facebook group for all Mumbai bloggers and we do meet up quite frequently. Would love to see you at the next bloggers meet

    • says

      Hey Simran! Glad you dropped by. This was actually pretty yum. :)

      I would totally love to be there at the next bloggers meet and also join the facebook group. You haven’t seen me because I only started blogging some months back. My facebook id is Reshmy Kurian. Would be glad if you could send me the link to the group. Thanks a bunch. Hope to see you soon :)

  3. Khushboo says

    Looks beautiful… it’s sad though, the photos make me so hungry and there’s no way anything less beautiful can satiate the hunger

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