Announcing a foodie bike-ride

So here’s the new I’m hopping up and down about! I’ve teamed up with the fantastic Enfield Riders to bring to you guys a super fun adventure – A foodie bike-ride. A Bike ride to explore the food, beaches and joy of Konkan.

Come 16th, 17th and 18th January 2015 and the roads by the western Coast will see us Biking through the sunlit beaches of the Arabian Sea, basking in the winter sun, getting sprayed by the salty sea and eating our way through one of India’s most gorgeous coastal belts.

There’s going to be plenty of fresh local food, fishing in sparkling waters, visits to bustling bazaars, learning Malvani cuisine from locals who do it best, camping by the beach, cooking over wood fired chulhas, grilling the freshest fish you can imagine, toddy guzzling and loads more of deliciousness.

Needless to say this gorge fest is for the hardcore. Come for the scenic ride on thundering Enfields if you want but make sure you pack a serious love for seafood and an appetite for adventure.

Don’t have a bike? We will rent one out to you. Not a rider? We have slots open for pillion riders. Don’t fancy a bike? We have(limited) seats in a four wheel drive too! Want to get your own bike/car along? Just let us know.

There.. you have no excuses now!! We will announce the detailed itinerary in a couple of days but you can pre-book your seats before slots run out. Write to us to know more – or

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