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Since forever, the one thing I remember being passionate about, driven by and good at, is food. So I eat, cook, visit, read everything food (that I can get to). Interests range from staple to adventurous, savoury to sweet, classics to sassy remakes. Supermarkets and food stores have always been my destinations of choice, I decide where to travel based on what food’s on offer, fantasize about the next dish I will cook, hate repeating dishes too often, get bored with the same cuisine and am partial to foods I have never eaten before or have a wicked twist. I believe that Walnut Chocolate Brownies get more exciting as they explode in salted buttery caramel, Dark Chocolate Truffle gets sexed up with lemon and coconut and crisp fried whitebait (fish) which is a staple Spanish tapas dish gets even more fun with a coating of lemony-chili-garlic caramel.

Bombay Chowparty, the blog, started out as a space to share my experiments, thoughts, recipes and encounters with foods. The blog, and I, are based out of Mumbai and I mostly cook with ingredients sourced locally so everything I cook, you can too.

> In the mood to try something different? Ask me what I’m upto (at bombaychowparty@gmail.com) – there’s always something new (and usually naughty) cooking in my Chowparty Kitchen and I am happy to take additional orders for the next dish around the corner!

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Beyond the Blog

Discover Gourmet with Bombay Chowparty

As Bombay Chowparty grows, our love for food grows with it. As much as we love food, we also love sharing food, food- stories, recipes, experiences, ideas…. converting people and celebrating foodism. And so we bring to you, our food journeys. From culinary trails around India to food trails with the new flavours of world cuisine, pop-up restaurants offering unusual dishes to gourmet workshops… join us as we discover, create and share exciting food and drinks from around the world.


Indian Food Trails

We also offer custumised culinary experiences for people visiting Mumbai from outside India. Sign up for Bombay Chowparty’s customized food trails around Mumbai and select from a range of options including visits to the local markets, trails to the best local joints, cooking classes at our own kitchen and meals at family homes. Come sample the flavours, sights, sounds and aromas of Mumbai with us!

> Interested in signing up for one of our food-ventures? Write into us at bombaychowparty@gmail.com or call 00 91 9819024086