A return to baking, my first love

So after aaages, I’ve started baking again. And for all my intolerances, one thing is clear. Not much makes me as bone deep, soul warmingly happy as making a delicious dessert does. Not even eating it. I’ve missed baking far too much.

It’s time to start again. And the trick perhaps is, that I don’t need to eat it myself, just find mouths to feed?


This confection inspired by one of the recipes in food52, made of layers of rich coffee flavoured cake and cinnamon meringue that sandwich some amazingly luxurious pastry cream was an exciting return to my oven.

All in all, I thought the dessert was a splendid idea but I confess I feel the cake layer were not exactly what I wanted. To do justice to the medley of beautiful flavours, the crackly, crunchy, nutty-sweet cinnamon layer of meringue and the silky banana-ey custard, the cake needs to either be lighter or crunchier. So that’s the plan for the next trial. And if all goes well, I know this will be one of the unusual, stunning desserts I’ve made. And perhaps one day, you can order it from Bombay Chowparty?



  1. Sarita says

    Hey Reshmy!
    I know how you mean.
    I am itching to get back into the kitchen and start baking again.
    And your post just pushes me to make time and make it happen.

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